Who is Catalyst

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Ron Kendrick founded Catalyst Development, Inc. in 1999 as a beverage consulting company specializing in operational support, technical services (e.g. quality assurance) and product development. He has driven North American innovation with leading edge beverage products and packages including the first beverage utilizing a nanotechnology delivery system, the first shelf stable soluble fibre beverage, and the first ready to drink beverage incorporating ribose.

Prior to founding Catalyst Development Inc. Mr. Kendrick successfully garnered experience in the soft drinks, bottled water, wine and spirit industries including approximately twelve years in various capacities with the Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation, mainly as Vice President of Operations & Product Development, where he was integral to successful operational management and product development during its infancy and steep growth curve.

He has developed beverage products and packages which have been highly recognized in the industry and received numerous accolades. Mr. Kendrick is the past President of the Canadian Bottled Water Association, a professional member of the Institute of Food Technologists and a member of the International Society of Beverage Technologists.

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In today’s marketplace there is an increasing number of specialized, high quality beverages directed at narrow cast or niche marketing. This has resulted in a growing number of entrepreneurs and other parties with niche or new products which require high quality, specialized, small-scale production services to enter the market. In the Pacific Northwest virtually all beverage plants are driven to high volume capability and do not operate efficiently at small production levels.  Small, niche and custom products are disadvantaged by a system where excessive inventory levels and high margin distribution / self-delivery wastes money and time while reducing freshness.

Ron’s thirty-five years of experience has fostered a sincere, personal commitment to creating an alternative small-scale friendly approach for the high quality production of foods and beverages.

Current technology allows for production of sophisticated products with craftsman quality and at a scale that eases inventory management and shorter product life cycles. Utilizing a strategically sized footprint to produce foods and beverages, it allows for quick changeovers, reduced product waste and economical production of a multitude of simple and sophisticated formulations. Catalyst provides fast customer response in a production model that promotes fresher product and eases the direct and indirect financial burden of large product inventory. These advantages are synergized when matched with competitively priced delivery to the local market.

Our goal is to enable our clients to focus on building their brand while making sound business sense and maintaining the highest quality product. To the best of our knowledge there are no comparable co-packing and delivery options for small-scale and niche brands - let alone in new and exciting flexible packaging!