Why Pouches

We have chosen flexible pouch packaging as our featured packaging format. Although becoming more prevalent every day in the North American marketplace, it remains a relatively new opportunity – especially for beverages and liquid food products. Flexible packaging is the fastest growing package technology in the world today, and for good reason.

Flexible packaging, and in particular Stand up pouches, provide significant advantages over glass, aluminum and rigid plastic containers.

It is more Sustainable

Sustainability has many definitions, but in its simplest form means “living within the resources of the planet without damaging the environment now or in the future.”

One way to move toward sustainability in packaging is to minimize the package. A Stand-up Flexible Pouch uses 28 times less packaging than glass and 5 times less than plastic bottles for a 355 ml (12 fl. oz.) product!

12 oz. Container Package Wt.
Glass Bottle 196g
Plastic PET Bottle 34g
Aluminum Can 13g
Stand-up Flexible Pouch 7g

It also has the lowest Package Weight to Product Weight Ratio:

flexible plastic vs rigid glass cans

Packaging 60 lb of beverage requires about:
50 lb of Glass
6 lb of Rigid Plastic
3 lb of Aluminum or
1.5 lb of Flexible Plastic 1

garbidge bin

Flexible Packaging consumes much less space at home and in a Landfill.

aluminum can

A Flexible Package uses 75% less energy than Aluminum!

Flexible Packaging uses far less energy to transport.

26 Truck Loads = 1 Truck Load of Unfilled glass jars Flexible Packaging. 2

Post Pic

Greater Shelf Impact…

The Stand-up Pouch provides a perfect canvas to showcase your product. Colorful graphics with glossy or Matte finishes coupled with custom shapes will capture the attention of the savvy consumer.

Unique fitments such as spill proof spouts, dispensing valves and straws can be added to further differentiate your product and excite the consumer.

It is a perfect format for incorporating promotional items such as tear off labels and coupons.

More Economical $$$...

Less package weight means less raw material cost. It also means less cost to transport empty containers as well as less cost to warehouse.

It is much quicker and more cost effective to change the size and graphics on a flexible package as compared to its rigid counter parts.

Superior Product Protection…

Flexible packaging helps assure the consumer of product freshness and safety as it provides superior product protection compared to glass and plastic bottles. Laminated film structures provide much better light and oxygen barrier properties that will enhance shelf life and protect product color, flavour and nutritional content. As an added bonus the film structure can be tailored to meet the specifics of the product and its environment.

We believe that flexible pouch packaging is an excellent sustainable choice that offers more value for everyone – today and in the future.

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